Top 10 things to see in Venice

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Top 10 things to see in Venice

Saying that there are just a couple of things to see in Venice is a lie. Venice is home to a rich history and culture, which sees Venetians as smart merchants and great diplomatics.

As you can imagine the city is full of must-see places, that’s why we selected the top 10 things to see in Venice.

1. St. Mark’s Square

This is certainly the most photographed places in Venice, not only because it is effectively an astonishing square, but also because of its historical importance. St. Mark’s Square is the only square in Venice, all the other small squares you find all around the city are called campi (fields).

Facing the square there’s the namesake basilica, one of the most beautiful churches in Venice. Inside, it still conserves a huge amount of typical Byzantine mosaics, mostly on its ceiling.

The entrance is free, but you have to queue up.


2. Doge’s Palace

The Doge’s Palace used to be the residence of the Venice’s governor, the Doge indeed. 

This majestic building can be visited with a tour guide or independently, in any case, we suggest you book your ticket in advance, especially if you want to join the Secret Itinerary tour.

3. Clock Tower

The Clock Tower is located in St. Mark’s Square too, but most of the tourists don’t know that it’s visitable. You can book a visit on the official website of the Clock Tower, but be aware that it’s not always open.

4. Arsenal

This is the real treasure of Venice since the Arsenal was the place where the Venetian Republic used to build its invincible ships.

The Arsenal is now a military area, but if you are part of a group you can organize your visit, contacting the Istituto di Studi Militari Marittimi.

Close to the Arsenal, there’s the Naval Historical Museum, which holds a collection of historic ships.

5. Rialto Bridge and the fish market



The second most photographed place in Venice is surely the Rialto Bridge. This massive stone bridge was the first bridge over the Grand Canal. Don’t miss the Rialto fish market, it’s just a few steps away from the namesake bridge.

6. Grand Canal

Having a tour on the Grand Canal is, for sure, one of the 10 things to do in Venice. Take line 1 or 2 of the vaporetto or a gondola ride and enjoy the view of the most beautiful facades of Venice.

7. Peggy Guggenheim Collection

Peggy Guggenheim loved Venice so much that she decided to live here for a while. After her death, her house became a modern and contemporary art museum, which shows her personal collection.

8. Accademia Gallery

If you love Venice art, you cannot miss the Accademia Gallery, which collects paintings of pre-19th-century art in Venice. Here are several paintings by Tintoretto, Tiziano, Canaletto, and many others.

9. Jewish Ghetto

The Venice Ghetto was the first one in Europe. Here, Jewish people still live and cultivate their faith and culture.



10. Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari

This is one of the biggest churches on the island of Venice. Inside, you can see the famous burial monument dedicated to the sculptor Antonio Canova, who had originally designed it for Tiziano, the painter.

The Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari is so rich in paintings and sculptures, that you should spend a day inside. Definitely, something we must add to our list of 10 things to see in Venice.

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