Venice Carnival tips: how to get the most out of it

Venice Carnival tips: how to get the most out of it

 If you’re wondering if Venice Carnival is worth it or not, the answer is definitely YES.

Venice Carnival is one of the most important and captivating events in the city, related to a tradition that counts hundreds of years, which you must experience at least once in your life.

Here are some Venice Carnival tips to live at its best.

Book your hotel room in advance

The first piece of advice we would like to give you is about the accommodation. During Carnival, Venice is always packed with people and finding an available room can be really hard. This is why we suggest you book your holiday in advance.

If you book through our website, you also get a 10% discount.

Wear a mask or a costume

Wearing a costume or a mask is essential.

If your dream is wearing a traditional Venetian costume, you can rent one at one of the many ateliers in the city. Renting a traditional costume is expensive since it will cost you hundreds of euros for a day, but it’s worth it.


Venice Carnival Tips

By the way, wearing a costume like this is not mandatory, and you can just wear a mask or another kind of costume.

As in the past, you can be who you like for a day.

Eat Venetian frittelle

If you come to Venice for the Carnival, you can’t avoid tasting a frittella. A Venetian frittella is a raisin-studded fried doughnut, you’ll love it.
If you don’t like raisin, you can try those with cream or chocolate, but don’t miss the one with zabaione.
There are many patisseries in Venice where you can buy one, and we can suggest you where to go to taste the best ones.

Live the special atmosphere of a timeless city

Venice is famous all over the world for its Carnival, and it’s not a case. Back in centuries, Venice was the city of vices, where people could be someone else for a period that could last even six months.


Venice Carnival Tips

During the day the city is crowded, but at night, Venice changes. The dark embraces the city, and the figures of people wearing a traditional costume appear in the empty streets.

That will be like going back in time for a second and see the city as it was.

Attend the Flight of the Angel

An unmissable appointment is the one with the flight of the Angel.

We call it Volo dell’Angelo, and it’s an event that dates back to Serenissima period.

The meeting point is in St. Mark’s Square at noon, but it’s better if you get there around 11 am.  A girl will fly from the tower bell to the center of St. Mark’s Square, giving a start to the Venice Carnival.

Ask for the best accomodation