Where to eat in Venice like a local

Where to eat in Venice like a local

Finding a good place where to eat in Venice like a local can be really hard, if you don’t know where to go, like in any other city.

You might have heard about Venice bad rap for food, but one size cannot fill all, and this is the main reason why we chose to write down a list of restaurants in Venice where you’ll certainly eat like a local.

All the following restaurants are close to our hotel in Cannaregio district and we always suggest them to our guests, since we want them (and you) completely satisfy with what you eat.

Ristorante Vecia Cavana

This is a typical Venetian family-run restaurant, where the staff is nice and the food has an excellent price/quality ratio. 

where to eat in venice like a local - a la vecia cavana


Ristorante Ai Promessi Sposi

Unfortunately, they don’t have an official website yet, but you can still see some photos of their Venetian tapas on their Facebook page.

This is a tiny restaurant, perfect if you want to have a speedy lunch. You can also have dinner here, but booking a table is mandatory since it’s often full.

Here, the price/quality ratio is good too.

Ristorante Casa Mia

If you feel like having a pizza with some typical Venetian appetizers, this is the place for you. If you are traveling with your kids, we are sure they will be happy to eat here: the atmosphere is not that formal and prices are really affordable.

El Sbarlefo



This is not a restaurant, but you can have some typical takeaway food with few euros. This bar is located a few steps away from our hotel and is usually frequented by locals too.

Osteria Santa Marina

If you are planning a special night with your partner, this restaurant can be the right choice. This is a historical restaurant with a really good cuisine. Of course, the prices are a little bit higher here, but it really worths it.


where to eat in Venice like a local osteria santa marina

Pizzeria La Perla

If you are in the mood of having dinner in an informal place, but where you feel like home, this is a nice restaurant to choose, especially if you are traveling as a family.

Al Cantinon

This is a really typical Venetian restaurant, where you can taste all the traditional dishes of Venice without spending much. The price/quality ratio is also really good here.

If you are looking for something different or maybe more romantic, but still local, don’t hesitate to ask us. We’ll be happy to find the perfect place for you.

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