5 Hidden places in Venice, you probably don’t know

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5 Hidden places in Venice, you probably don’t know

Venice is the perfect city to stroll around and get lost. At every single corner you’ll find something you didn’t notice the first time and if you get lost on purpose it can reveal you its most hidden places and secrets.

Venice is like a treasure chest with a lot of fabulous glimpses and stories to tell. Here’s a list of 5 hidden places in Venice you probably haven’t discovered yet.

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Acqua Alta Bookshop

This unique bookshop is located in Campiello del Tintor, few steps away from Campo Santa Maria Formosa, where the famous Querini Foundation is.



Its name reveals the secret behind its particular furniture. “Acqua Alta” means high tide, in fact, when the water goes high especially in winter, the bookstore gets often flooded. This is the main reason why all the books are located in gondolas, boats and even a bath tub.

In the little back courtyard there’s another surprise: a stairs made by books that you can actually climb. Definitely a perfect spot for an original picture or selfie.

Santa Maria dei Miracoli Church

Another hidden place in Venice is the Church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that it’s “just another church”, because this is really different from all the others in the city. Departing from our hotel, you can reach Santa Maria dei Miracoli in 5 minutes. 



This church is also known as the “marble church”, because of its colored marble facade, which is one of the best examples of the early Venetian Renaissance.

Jewish Ghetto

Not many people know that the very first European Jewish ghetto is in Venice. Right behind Strada Nuova, close to Fondamenta della Misericordia, you can easily find this place, which still keep its traditions.
Here you can visit three of the five open synagogues and the Jewish Museum.

Campiello Remer

This is a magic place, far from the most beaten paths, that could be really hard to find.



Leaving back our hotel, follow the directions to St. Mark’s Square and right after crossing San Giovanni Grisostomo bridge, turn right into Sotoportego del Remer and follow that narrow street. When you finally get to the end of the street, you’ll have an amazing view of the Grand Canal in front of you.

This is a quiet and astonishing place, from where you can see the majestic Rialto Bridge from a different point of view.

San Zaccaria Church and Crypt

Did you know that St. Mark’s Basilica is not the only church in Venice with a crypt? San Zaccaria is a church situated behind St. Mark’s Square, which hides a beautiful crypt. You can visit it with only 1,5 euros and it’s going to be a memory you won’t forget.

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