Venice itinerary: 2 days among beauties

Venice itinerary: 2 days among beauties

Many tourists think that Venice is a one-day destination, but like any other city in Italy, it’s not. Neither 2 days are enough, but they are better than nothing.

Venice is tiny, you can cross it all in a day, but this is not how we want you to discover our city, this is why we create a Venice itinerary of 2 days, that you can take with you when you’re here.

Depending on when you visit, try to book the ticket in advance for some attractions, such as a specific itinerary inside the Doge’s Palace or a guided tour inside the clock tower.

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Venice itinerary: Day 1

After leaving your luggage at our hotel, you can reach Rialto Bridge in ten minutes, which is probably the first thing you want to see. Once here, before crossing the bridge, stop by the Fontego dei Tedeschi and visit the rooftop terrace for a wonderful view of the city.



Getting to St. Mark’s Square can’t be easier: all the path has road signs, which will indicate you the direction.

At St Mark’s Square, you have spoilt of choice. The Basilica is free to visit, there’s just a quick queue to join. Doge’s Palace and the Bridge of Sights are two must see things and you can purchase the ticket directly there or online, adding it to your Venezia Unica Card.

Correr Museum, not far from St. Mark’s Square, hosts several Venetian paintings until the early 16th century and historical collections about the Serenissima. A great place to know more about Venetian art and history.

If you still have time, we suggest you climb the St. Mark’s bell tower, better if at sunset.

Venice itinerary: Day 2

During the first day, our Venice itinerary brought you to the most important symbols of the city. On day-2 we explore three of the five hidden places we described in this article. You can start with the Jewish Ghetto, that you can reach in 10 minutes more or less, departing from our hotel, and proceed to the particular church of Santa Maria del Miracoli. To end your 2-day itinerary in Venice, we would like you to discover an unusual place: the Acqua Alta bookshop.



This unique bookshop can be reached in six minutes, from the Santa Maria dei Miracoli church. Be ready to see something you’ve never seen before: a bookshop with a gondola inside, where books are chaotically stored on shelves and bath tubs (we are not kidding).

In the little backyard, there’s a staircase made by books, can you believe it?

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