Walking in Venice: 5 reasons to visit the city on foot

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Walking in Venice: 5 reasons to visit the city on foot

Venice is a walking city.

Even if Venice is known as a floating city and most of the people think that is mandatory to take a vaporetto or a boat to get around, the best way to visit it is on foot.

Why walking in Venice is the best way to explore it and know it? This is easy to tell: because it’s on foot that you can actually discover its most hidden and marvelous places.

But this is not the only reason. In fact, here are the 5 reasons why you should give yourself the chance to experience the city by walking through its streets.

1. You can discover places you’ve never imagined to see

Walking in Venice is an adventure, no doubt about it.

You can get lost at any time only by taking the wrong “calle”. In reality, getting lost in Venice is not a bad thing, on the contrary, is a challenge.

If you want to feel the thrill of finding yourself in places you’ve never imagined to be, taking a street randomly can be the best way to discover ancient palaces, particular statues, and romantic squares and gardens.

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Walking in Venice

2. You’ll see the city as the lowest class of the Serenissima Republic used to see it

If noble families used to take their gondola to reach almost every place in town, servants and other people from the low class had to walk.

So, if taking line 1 or 2 of the vaporetto you get astonished by the beautiful and richest palaces of Venice, walking will be the best way to understand what kind of life normal people used to live.

3. If you walk, you can taste everything you won’t

If you walk in Venice, you won’t worry about losing your body shape. Crossing bridges and walking around the city will take your weight under control, and you’ll feel free to taste everything you like.

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4. You can do a bacaro tour and live the happy hour like a local

We have already talked about bacaro tours in Venice in our blog, and we insist on you trying them at least once.

You don’t need to join an organized group to have a happy hour like Venetians, you can ask us where to go, and we’ll suggest you where to go for a real Venetian aperitif with the best view.

5. You can try to get through the narrowest street in Venice

Did you know that the narrowest street in Venice is 53cm wide? We are not joking. This street is located in a side street near Campo San Canciano, and it’s called Ramo Varisco.

We are sure that after having walked in Venice for a couple of days, you certainly can go through it, without any problem!

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