Christmas in Venice: how to live it at its best

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Christmas in Venice: how to live it at its best

Spending Christmas in Venice is an incredible experience. If you’re lucky, you’ll get the chance to see the city covered by snow and enlightened with thousands of colorful lights.

The atmosphere you live in Venice during Christmastime is warm and familiar. All the shops are selling any kinds of decoration and things you can buy for a special gift.

No matter why you choose our marvelous city for your Christmas holidays, we are sure you’ll enjoy it.

What to do in Venice at Christmas

From the Christmas markets to a classic walking tour around the city, you have plenty of things you can do in Venice.

All museums are open, except on Christmas day, as well as all churches. Every church has its Nativity scene, and we suggest you see especially the one inside Frari church, which is really beautiful.

Another thing to note down is that many churches organize some concerts for Christmas. A special occasion to listen to some traditional songs and experience how Venetians live their Christmas.

If you feel like having some fun with your kids or with your partner, you should go to Campo San Polo, where an outdoor ice rink is positioned, every year.

Don’t be afraid to put a pair of ice skates on, if you fall you can always stand up again!

Like in many Italian cities, Venice has its Christmas markets too. Not far from our hotel, in fact, there’s the so-called “Fiera di Natale di Venezia”. In Campo Santi Apostoli and Campo di San Felice, both connected with Strada Nuova, a lot of stands will wait for you.


Christmas in Venice

What’s the weather like in Venice at Christmas

Christmas in Venice can be snowy or rainy. Unfortunately, during this period the high tide often floods Venice, but it won’t be a problem for you if you bring with you a pair of rain boots.

Venice with the high tide can be weird but extremely thrilling, at the same time. Surely it’s something you won’t see anywhere else and in other occasions.

If you’re planning to have your Christmas dinner or lunch out, we suggest you book the restaurant in advance, and if you’re looking for some tips about where to eat a like a local in Venice, in this article, you’ll find all the restaurants we usually suggest to our guests.

If you want to get inspired, you can also print out our Venice itinerary, to explore the city on your own, even at Christmas.



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